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I Prefer Selfishness from You
 killequalslove - (senepa)
12:32pm 14/05/2007
Whovian posting in Kill is Love
Title: I Prefer Selfishness from You
Pairing: Gogo/Sophie
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sophie needs to be hurt. Which works out well for Gogo.
Warnings: Dark fic. Sadomashocism. Some blood play. Girls doing girls. Um. Sex. (Duh.)
Disclaimer: I do not own Kill Bill. I am not as amazing as Tarantino. The title is from a translated line from The Flower of Carnage. (Instead of kindness from someone I don't know, I rather prefer selfishness from you, my love.)
Beta: Blueorac91
Cross-posted: served_cold

Sadomasochism this way.
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 killequalslove - (senepa)
12:04am 12/05/2007
Whovian posting in Kill is Love
So, welcome to the new Kill Bill femslash comm! I hope you like it, and you'll join and contribute to our community. Also, we're in need of a pretty icon and such! If we have any volunteers for the job, that would be great.
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